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Hypnosis has been around for many years, but no one really knows how to classify it. It’s not a medicine, drug, a religion, or even a cure.  Most people have to see something before they can believe it, but with hypnosis there’s nothing physical to see because everything is happening in the mind.

Hypnosis has a long history throughout the history of mankind, but not everyone accepts it.  Many people will never see hypnosis for being anything more than a cheap form of entertainment but hypnosis has created a loyal following, which believe that the process works.  Ironically, the only people that can give a true assessment of hypnosis are the subjects…. But why believe them, they’re in a trance right?

So if hypnosis is not cultic, or demonic then is it Christian?

It is neither. It is simply magnified concentration by the individual attached to the believer’s choice of a strong belief system. If you choose to believe something then it becomes part of your belief system. If someone tells you that it is wrong for a person to choose what they want to believe, then every religion, every educational facility, every radio and TV organization including the film industry is wrong and all are guilty of controlling people’s minds.  Give me a break!

Surely you the reader must realize that you are choosing right now to read this web site. You are not here because I sent you a brain wave and controlled you to come to my web site.  I am not forcing you to read this.  You have complete control over your will. If hypnosis worked the way TV and the movies portray it to work then I will give you a simple suggest like ; YOU WILL SEND ME $5 every week when you get your paycheck. If that was possible then I would be rich. Here is another insane idea —“You will send all your savings to me as soon as you leave this web site!”

Where is the common sense?  Neither of those two suggestions will happen. So where is the mind control that we think we have over people? There is none. People will only do what they are willing to do on their own. If people believe in something the will act upon it. I know that anything can be abused – even the influence of our own religion can and does influence positive and negative behaviors over us. Anything can be good or even be bad.

People did not know that it was Jesus waking on the water, (so they automatically because they could not explain it) thought it must be a demon, a ghost when in reality, it was just Jesus walking on the water. When we don’t understand something our corrupt nature automatically goes to the negative side. Just because we as Christians or even non-Christians, don’t understand it does not mean it is of the devil, or evil. etc… Sometimes we even want to give credit to God for things we cannot understand. When something happens in a person’s life and they do not have answer for it they automatically try to give credit somewhere. Either God must have wanted it to happen to them or the devil did it to them. Read the book of Job, you will see exactly what I am talking about.

Is hypnosis or hypnotherapy dangerous? 

No. The induction of hypnosis is never dangerous to the subject, although personal disappointments may arise because of unrealistic expectations or preconceived ideas.

“The American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association have approved (hypnotherapy/ hypnosis) for use by professionally responsible individuals.”


People who believe that hypnosis is a power are probably the same people who believe that the magic of a magician, or what is known as an illusionist, is real too! Hello! Anyone listening? If the magic were real then magicians would not need semi-tractor trailers to haul their illusions around the country! They are simply BOXES for gosh sakes.  Yet through their creative talent they are able to help you and I to create an evening of mystery in our minds with what we call magic. Yet, the fact remains, that there will always be a group that chooses to believe that the magic is real, and there will always be a group that chooses to accept that it is simply entertainment. The fact still remains true today that people would rather believe in their fears than in the truth! There will be those who believe hypnosis is real, (and we do have medical documentation that shows that the mind and body does respond to what we call hypnosis) and there will be those who believe it is just made up.

Even the Bible tells us:
(John 8:32 KJV) And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
(John 8:36 KJV) If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

The question arises:

Is the mind so weak that a total stranger could infiltrate your consciousness and control it?  It sounds so unbelievable, but then again, the whole basis of hypnosis is your willingness to believe.  Many will say, “If you open the door to your mind, there’s no telling who might come in.”  Again, are you saying that a person is so weak that a person, thing, demon, spirit or other form of agent can have access to that person’s soul? Can you please define the word “door”?

Where did you learn about a door? We are talking about the human brain. Hypnosis is the term we use today to describe the ability to influence how the mind works. I will agree, words will always have a major impact on the listener. King David proved that when he played a harp, spoke words and the kings countenance changed – for the better.

Is hypnosis just another word for mind control?

No. Hypnosis is stated as a psychological condition in which an individual is put into an unconscious state also called a trance.  Once in the trance, suggestions are given to the individual and the person is supposed to act on the suggestions either during the hypnosis session or after he or she is released from the session.   Apparently, being put in a so-called trance is not a requirement because some people can receive their suggestions without being in an unconscious state. The fact is people are easily influenced by those around them. Some have a stronger influence on them than others because the person simply allows it to be that way. Point: People will follow people faithfully until that person makes them mad or disappoints them. Now that same person no longer wants to follow, or be with that person. Example: ever heard of two people who were once in love now they are going through a divorce. Well, something changed. Their belief system in one another is what changed.

So who are these people with the power to control your mind?  Are their powers genetic or just some special gift that very few people have?  The people mostly associated with hypnosis are called hypnotists and frankly, anyone can learn to be a hypnotist because it doesn’t require a degree.  There are sites, all over the Internet, with people trying to sell their “how to be a hypnotist” information.  But there is a more professional version of the hypnotist, and they’re called Hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapists attend classes and are trained and certified by a group of hypnotists in the use of hypnosis.

What is happening when someone is in a trance, a session, an altered state of mind etc.…  are these people sleeping, dreaming or is it all an act?

The person under hypnosis is called the subject.  When the subjects are what many call “under hypnosis,” they are actually more concentrated and focused than they’ve ever been.  The focus is so enhanced that the subjects can temporarily forget certain aspects of their lives, like dreaming, they are simply able to use their mind to create their own chosen dream.  Being under hypnosis can bring about feelings of heaviness, lightness and numbness, joy and excitement.  Some subjects feel like they’re just observing what is happening without actually being a part of it.  Our mind has the ability to do what we call dreaming, which allows our body to respond to what we visualize during that dream mode. In hypnosis, the same thing is taking place.

Many benefits can be achieved, by using hypnosis.  Hypnosis can be used, as a way to help people better understand themselves.  It’s also used to help the individual to terminate bad habits, recover past memories that they have blocked out, to reduce anxiety and to overcome certain disorders that were created by the individual in their own minds.  On the health side, hypnosis can also be used to help the individual to reduce their pain associated with medical procedures, such as childbirth and burn treatments etc.  It’s also helpful in surgery, when anesthesia is not appropriate. Self-hypnosis is something we all experience from time to time. I leave you with this, have you ever daydreamed? Well, that too is a form of what we call hypnosis! Enjoy life and choose your choices for your life well, for they determine the YOU and the results you get out of life.

If you do not teach your children to think Biblically and to love the Word, no moralizing, no lecturing, no influence will work well at all. Without our biblical mental foundation being developed by the Word Of God (known as our core belief system) nothing can be built in a human mind that will allow them to believe and have a life that would honor anyone not even themselves. That is why the en-grafted Word of God is so important to a creature of God for with out God’s guidance into truth all one has is their own flesh their own thoughts and their own sinful desires to build upon.

“For the word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.” Hebrews 4:12

Begin each day with the Word of God. Read the stories, memorize verses, psalms, Jesus’ parables, Genesis as a foundation of where we came from and why we are here. The prophets give us a picture of our world’s issues today., Paul’s admonitions instructs us in so many ways to be better, Proverbs’ wisdom empowers us. Immerse your life, your moments, and your home in the Word of God. Your children will cherish what you cherish, and if you value the word, it will become a part of your whole being and theirs. The teachings from the Word of God become a way of life and not just some book we read and placed on a shelf.

Open your heart and your mind to God every day and then allow your lives to be open to Him through His Holy Spirit.

I find that very few people, and especially young adults, know how to think Biblically.  Followers abound–those who find it easier to just do what others tell them to do, without really thinking through scripture or pondering it for themselves. So often, I talk with people of all ages, in conferences, through emails and texts, and everywhere I go and yet, most people I know follow some philosophy because someone else told them to do so not because they found it to be truth from God’s word. The truth will set you free.

Most people live in the religious boxes made by other men–even Christian men and woman who think they are right no matter what the Word of God reveals.

Our creator wants a relationship with you personally – he paid the price so we can have that relationship – Trust in Jesus the CHRIST today. John 14:1-6 Romans 10:13


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